Starting from the 90’s

Plastics are nature-transformed from ancient life remains buried deep beneath the foot of our cultural landscape. Born into service to progress, recovered water bottles, x-ray film and safety cones bear the evidence of life from existing in the world today. Cut, carved and nailed, the surface of these pieces are assembled with thousands of slivers of plastic and nailed with thousands of brad nails constructing a series of impressionistic mosaics of color intricately laid to create imagery conducive to a return to nature.

“Safety cones are like an urban leather to me. The “pelts” are malleable and pliable like leather and can be cut with the average box cutter. Safety cones have many colors and hues. They are not just orange. There are blue, white and chartreuse safety cones; some of which have interior hues that are pink, peach and yellow.”

I’ve learned that in art I can be fearless, make my own rules, and go where no one has gone before.

“Shuttleworth creates an interesting but not incongruous relationship between nature and consumption, asking where found and recycled object fits into this spectrum.”

Priscilla Frank Arts Writer, The Huffington Post